Interaxis Courses

Created for Financial Professionals by Financial Professionals

Way back in 2017, we started down the Crypto rabbit hole. We learned all about Bitcoin, blockchains, smart contracts, etc.

Since then we have tried so many applications, exchanges, and assets. To be honest, we’ve lost money along the way to poor trading, scams, and exploits.

So now, we can teach you about Crypto.

The financial system is due for an upgrade. Blockchain technology and the crypto assets that accompany them are a natural evolution of both technology and finance.

We want to help you get past all the hype and FOMO, as well as all the negative and misleading headlines.

You need to be able to have conversations with clients about Crypto today, because they’re interested (and most of them probably already own some). You should be able to evaluate risk, determine how much to allocate, and help your clients keep their Crypto safe.

We also want to prepare you for a future that includes blockchain technology as part of the financial system - the use of stablecoins for payment, wallets for custody, extreme transparency, etc.

You’ll learn the technicals of how Bitcoin works, public blockchains, Ethereum and smart contract, and use cases like tokenized assets.

We also take time to go over the investment theses surrounding Bitcoin and ETH, and the new metrics we might use in the future.

Oh…in case I haven’t mentioned it yet…

You can also receive Continuing Education credits toward your CFP®, CPA, and/or CIMA designations!